BenCo the Brave

Undead in the Desert

4th Adventure

Cacinethal once again summoners the adventuring band of travelers and asks them to sail the river and meet a guide in a small town outside the mountains skirting the desert, for there have been reports by traveling merchants and caravans of undead in the desert.

Setting out, the group boards a boat and sails the river only to encounter a baby river drake. Thankfully this was only a young drake and the group was able to keep it from sinking or destroying the boat. However the drake was quiet insistent on taking the boat out for crossing its territory. Managing to knock the drake off the boat and back into the river several times (including Soar at one point) the drake then in a burst of anger bellows out a line of flames and sets the boat afire. The captain continues to complain about his boat taking damage, and as Fidgit is saving the sails, the drake then decides to retreat back to his waters and lick his wounds rather than die to what was thought to be easy prey.

Once the travelers made it to the small town and met with a few of the caravans, the group was able to convince the guide to procure a wagon and camels for the desert trek (at the cost of the king/high council as well!) After procuring the means to travel the desert the group was able to narrow down the location of the undead and thus managed to convince the guide to continue to travel with them through the mountain pass and into the desert so that they would hopefully be able to make the return trip as well.

Once in the mountains, the narrow(ish) trail kept the wagon and camels from moving too quickly, Soar remembering the last time they were on a narrow path, demands the group have a pow-wow to discuss why the archers need to focus fire on the more squishy lightly armored threats than the big lumbering targets… once Soar was able to start this discussion/argument with the party he slips out of the conversation and further up the road. After sneaking further up the trail, and using his keen vision (thank god we have a BIRD!) was able to notice 4 onyx colored shimmering lumps, Soar proceeds back down the path and tells the party (who is still trying to figure out how to travel as a group) that there are 4 odd looking things ahead. The guide knowing the region can be trouble stays back with the camels and wagon and gently (prods) the group forward. 5 onyx colored winged monsters sprung up in what they thought was an ambush on travelers only to discover that the group already knew where most of them were, making quick work of the first two and only suffering a minor wound from a thrust spear the group tackles the small pack of beasts and continues forward to the mouth of the desert.




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