BenCo the Brave

City Shenangins

After returning to the city and setting out to investigate three possible suspects that may have some means or motive to undermine the kingdom and its ruler the group instead turns to minor chaos in attempts to gather information, and work out some of the party dynamics that seemed to be festering.

Rhunningo managed to find someone to trade Bellinith's amulet to, so far this person is unknown to the group and Rhunningo has had a lapse in memory. This amulet may be worth tracking back down, seeing as how it came from a powerful magical being that had some importance to the kingdom…

Trading the necklace (for a seemingly cursed dagger) Rhunningo was able to trick Vanoliel into casting remove curse which also removed the magic binding the prisoner's ring to him. Once free of this ring that tied him to the paladin he saught to escape. A very interesting Benny Hill-esk pursuit ensued. Rhunningo managed to escape Vanoliel but was captured by the city watch (a running drow, the only drow in town seemed to have them worried).

Sudina enquired further for information about her parents, and with little luck helped tag along with Vanoliel and Fidget as the tracked down Rhunningo and the leads at the cathedral.

Fidget completely enamored by the mystic tree in her garden would stop it nothing to figure out who what why where how when and many other questions that ran through her head about this tree. Cacinethal said he would help in her quest for answers.

All of this was for not because Soar, in attempts to get straight to the answer and bottom of his person of interest's possible involvement led him to Prince Dukkah's estate. Through the servants quarters and into the office of the Prince. Finding nothing of use, but a locked drawer and the seal of the Prince, Soar decides to leave and instead pursue leads that may be within the office of the Prince at the castle…

This door was locked and seeing as how he would not be given a key and learned he was unable to pick locks whilst in the estate he sought help from the local guild. Two street urchins joined him that evening on his escapade to attempt to break into the castle office (not the estate) and after getting caught the first time and attempting to invoke the name of Cacinethal to continue wandering the keep (as before) the gaurd not knowing attempted to arrest the bird and children.

After knocking out the guard and realizing Cacinethal's name was in the mix, having to cover for their connection to the keep Soar then enlists the children for one last adventure. Halfway to Cacinethal's room one of the children gets spotted and books it with promise of payment to keep the guards attention away from Soar. Once in the room, Soar and the child as loudly as possible trash his room leaving an ominous note in hopes to draw attention in another direction instead of towards Cacinethal's involvement in trespassing.

The guard that comes to check the commotion is jumped by Soar and the kid and beaten unconscious. On payment the urchin ducks out and Soar attempts to sneak out, after getting caught and avoiding capture to throw the scent in a different direction the plan worked… a little too well.

The next morning Rhunningo is released but banished from the city (on reccomendation of Vanoliel) and Soar breaks the news to the rest of the band of traveling adventurers.



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