BenCo the Brave


After crossing the desert and meeting a band of roving gnolls, and saving a few of them from a giant scorpion. The group decides to camp outside the crypt and rest, the next morning they venture into the crypt, after dealing with a few evil rodents and clearing then entrance out the group found that large stone doors can be dangerous, smacked Soar in the face and thus it was decided that Soar would open all future doors…

After detecting a trap on the next door and disabling it only to find that it led to an empty pantry. All other rooms in this crypt having once been what appeared to be occupied, all the fancy clothes when touched turned to dust :*(

After cramming through tight cooridors the group happened upon a room pitch black with a lovely rumbling beyond, this room was inhabitated by a stone worm and magic along a side of the wall.

The party later discovered that this magic that was detected was a series of portals, after dispatching skeletons in the adjoining room, and running through the portals over and over and over again, Rhunningo managed to get himself trapped in a room with a wagon, only to find out that the portal in that room lead to what was more or less an inverted gravity well that led him to a key, this key opened the door to what was Bellenith's tomb.

Rhunningo without a second thought as to the words of advice given (do not disturb Belenith) runs straight in reaches past the magical barrier surrounding and suspending Belenith in her tomb, grabs the amulet that she was wearing and the entire room grows quiet as the summoned appiritions dissipate.

Hauling nearly 5000g worth of gems, jewels, and gold the party departs and heads back to Cacinethal to report the undead problem has been dealt with. Only to find out they are tasked with investigating the issue of the conflicting reports and rumors of subterfuge within the kingdom.



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