BenCo the Brave

Bar Fight

Travelers from all over found their way to a tavern/pub named 'The Drunken Drow'. Mess Not the orc proprietor of this fine establishment knows most of the locals that come through and seeing a lowly drow elf sitting in the local Joe's favorite seat paid it little mind knowing Joe would not be deterred by a drow. Joe confronted the drow, Rhunningo, and demanded that he remove himself from his spot. Oddly enough Rhunningo paid joe little attention other than to tell him to back off and leave him be to drink. Joe not taking kindly to being told off by a drow decided to add a little extra to the drow's next drink in order to dull his senses. Joe confronts the drow once more and this time a scuffle begins, Joe spills a celebrity's drink and the celebrity gives Joe a push back yelling "BAR BRAWL!"

At this point the tiefling, Cyrrus, sitting across the table slinks further into the corner in attempts not to be drawn into the fight. Joe bumps a giant of man and spills his drink, the man flattens Joe and gets pulled into the brawl now as well. Seeing the chaos ensue a gnome, Fidget, jumps onto the bar and begins cheering the fight on. After watching the big man smash Joe the tengu, Soar, made his way across and attempted to bring the big man down.  Seeing Joe knocked out cold on the floor, Rhunningo takes the opportunity to beat the unconscious man for poisoning his drink. Across the room an aasimar, Sudina, begins to back off and head for slightly higher ground standing on the stage with the performers. Across the stage a half-elf, Vanoliel, attempted to diffuse some of the patrons by speaking to a pair of drunken dwarves.

As the brawl continued, the guards came crashing through the doors, managing to tanglefoot most of the brawlers and surround the beaten and bloodied Joe as well as Rhunningo. As the guards were pouring in Soar finally manages to subdue the large man keeping him from drawing too much ire from the local authorities. Rhunningo however refusing to let the man who poisoned his drink forget him, attempted once more to beat the unconscious man. The guards stop this attempted murder, arrest and sentence the drow to the dungeons.

Cacinethal, a servant in the high court, got Rhunningo's sentence reduced to time served in service to the realm under the ward of Vanoliel. In the following month the travelers that met in passing at The Drunken Drow received training and met once again at the formal summoning of the King and High Council.



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