BenCo the Brave

A lapse in cohesion

Cacinethal, sends word to the travelers that helped clear the market district. All but Cyrrus are found and summoned. The five travelers are now tasked with getting a report, sealed, from the front lines to the west, back to the king. Reports from the war in the west say that nothing is going on and we should recall the troops. Cacinethal says he suspects  that the messengers are being intercepted and the reports changed. The travelers were then tasked to report to the western front and get a hand written report, officially sealed from someone higher ranked than a captain.

The band of travelers set forth and made their way to the western front. Along the road they made quick work of a small wolf pack. A little further down they noticed something blocking the road thought they heard voices. Soar stopping and attempting to slip into the brush and scout ahead, was being left behind by the party that continued to press forward without thought.

Encountering a small group the party stepped up to speak with them, after being told they must pay a tax to continue and refusing a fight insued. The last thing Soar remembers is holding his own with the help of Fidget and her pet fungi against what was clearly the brigands leader and his pet hound. The archers missing most of their shots or focusing on the heavily armored man, were set asleep by the caster who went largly unnoticed for a time. Soon after waking Sudina and Vanoliel focus fire and drop the magic wielder. However the ragged man on the opposite end of the road was making short work of Puff (Fidgit's fungal sidekick) and soon made his way to closing ranks with his leader. Soar manages to dodge and outlive the leader and manages to bring him down, the leaders loyal hound refusing to back down from this strange humanoid bird that dropped his master bites and refuses to let go. Most of this story is a blurr from here…

For awhile after this encounter Soar awakens back in the capital near his stream next to the druids camp, and feeling ill spends nearly all of the gold given to him by Vanoliel to visit the priests to cure what ailed him.

The talkative Gnome informs Soar that they brought his body to the front lines with them and got the report from the General. There was obviously no war and the General wanted to send his troops home. However, upon returning to the capital city (still with the body of Soar) the adventurers were taken before the King and their report from the General was read. It gave a very different account of events and requests more troops. Confused, the remaining party members informed Cacinethal that the report must be wrong. He promised to investigate the situation further. He also gave them a reward, part of which they used to pay for Soar's restoration.



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