Vanoliel Dethfis


Half Elf Paladin


Clinging to her mother’s dress the way she did as a child, she watched as he once again disappeared out of sight into the horizon. She had watched him leave countless times, but Vanoliel could never get used to the feeling of watching the protector leave. Bastian was a well-known paladin throughout the region; a protector of men. With his faith devoted to Helreginn, Goddess of self-sacrifice, Lady of protection, Bastian spent his life as an ambassador for the weak, threatened, and shunned.
Vanoliel respected Bastian. She never questioned his leaving or was angry with him. She understood his devotion because she too felt the calling of Helreginn. However, there was something different about this parting. Vanoliel wanted more than anything to scream out to Bastian, make fruitless efforts pleading for him to stay. It was not an empty feeling today…it was the sharp and painful feeling of loss.
After Bastian’s disappearance, Vanoliel left her home with the elves in hopes to live the only life she ever felt a kin to, life of an ambassador; the life of a paladin.

Vanoliel, now 32, grew up with her mother, Amalyn Dethfis, and the elves in Kyonin. During her childhood, Vanoliel was known amongst the other kids as the protector; she was always the one who took the beating and sheltered anyone in need, only defending when she felt it was absolutely necessary just like Bastian had taught her. She was always the happy and bubbly kid in the group, but could never hide the feeling of never quite belonging from her mother. After Bastian’s final departure, Vanoliel decided to leave her home and travel towards Thallia, in hopes of becoming a part of something greater. (Shut up, Tyler)

Vanoliel Dethfis

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