BenCo the Brave

New Beginnings
return to the city
Vivizax encounter

Still investigateng which political opponent to the king, The band of adventurers follows a runner from Prince Dukkah's mansion in the middle of the night. After following him for a day, they decide to capture him. This action works out well as the messenger is a Tengu and can be impersonated. They also see the message he is carrying that states that things are progressing sooner than expected and requests advice. Soar dons the atire of Dukkah's messenger and goes to the meeting location. He meets with another messenger from a sorcer named Vivizax. After delivering the message, Soar attempts to get more information. After not being able to garner much information, the party decides to capture this messenger as well, but the second messengers casts dimention door and steps through it. 
Returning to Cacinethal, the party makes their report and delivers the intercepted message to him. Cacinethal suspects that the Prince is being controlled by this mage and instructs the party to deal with it. He instructs the party not to even let the mage speak when they find him, simply to kill him without giving him the chance to cast a spell.

Setting off in the direction of the marked map provided by Cacinethal, the band of adventurers is set upon by a small pack of blink dogs and then an emerald ooz. Both distractions are quickly and easily dealth with. Arriving at the location of the mysterious mage, they discover the ruins of an ancient city. There is a large building in the center of the city that is the only one still wholly intact. Suspecting that their quarry is inside they sneak into the building. 

Finding a sorcerer studying inside they set upon him quickly. He is barely able to say "Welcome, I am Vivizax Lasvida…" before arrows start flying. Immediately he conjures a fog that obscures him from view. Soar charges in while the archers and casters find flanking positions in cover. Several elementals appear in the large chamber and the fight shifts to a chaotic brawl instead of a quick take-down. After the fog clears the sorcerer is no longer visible. A laugh echos from the chamber and Vanoliel sees him, standing in the rafters.  Fidgit begins to suggest that he may not be as he seems as her plant companion refuses to attack him. Vanoliel heeds this advice and retreats to a defensive position to see if combat can be ended. Sudina joins the two other adventures in maintain a non-combative stance. Runningo, however. releases a spell into the rafters, but it finds no targets as the sorcerer disappears. He barely feels a touch on his shoulder as the sorcerer appears behind him casting a spell. Runningo collapses onto the floor in instant death. Just as Soar is about to charge forward, Fidgit feels the empathic scream of he plant to end combat. Looking over she sees a fern, that has jumped out of it's pot, sitting on top of her puffball. As it turns to stone and upsets the balance of the flying fungi, she calls out to Soar that they must cease fighting. As soon as Soar comes to a halt in his charge. The mysterious sorcerer also stops his annihilation of the party. 
Vivizax the greets them with his whole name and welcomes them to the ruined city of Halmeth. He says that he represents the Great Library of the South and is watching the events unfold in the kingdom. He claims to be advising Prince Dukkah and trying to stop a coup d'etat. After listening to him for a while. The party, or those who are left, advise Vivizax of what they have seen. Upon informing him of the switched message from the general, he replies that Pon Osa must be the controlling party in the coupe. He says that he cannot directly interfere as that would in an invasion of an internal affair of a foreign sovereign kingdom. He advises that the party put an end to the coupe. He says that the party can try to expose him as a traitor, but this will take a lot of work. His other suggestions are to either kill him, which the paladin won't do without a trial; empower his political enemies, which would take too long; or warn the King, who would not believe them over his trusted advisor Pon Osa.

As the band of adventurers decides that they must expose the power hungry Count, Runningo begins to stirr. Vivizax is intrigued, as he knows that the spell Finger of Death had not failed to kill. Upon investigation he discovered that Runningo was a witch in the service of his patron Death. With his miserable performance in Death's service, Death himself has rejected Runningo and sent him back to the land of the living. 

City Shenangins

After returning to the city and setting out to investigate three possible suspects that may have some means or motive to undermine the kingdom and its ruler the group instead turns to minor chaos in attempts to gather information, and work out some of the party dynamics that seemed to be festering.

Rhunningo managed to find someone to trade Bellinith's amulet to, so far this person is unknown to the group and Rhunningo has had a lapse in memory. This amulet may be worth tracking back down, seeing as how it came from a powerful magical being that had some importance to the kingdom…

Trading the necklace (for a seemingly cursed dagger) Rhunningo was able to trick Vanoliel into casting remove curse which also removed the magic binding the prisoner's ring to him. Once free of this ring that tied him to the paladin he saught to escape. A very interesting Benny Hill-esk pursuit ensued. Rhunningo managed to escape Vanoliel but was captured by the city watch (a running drow, the only drow in town seemed to have them worried).

Sudina enquired further for information about her parents, and with little luck helped tag along with Vanoliel and Fidget as the tracked down Rhunningo and the leads at the cathedral.

Fidget completely enamored by the mystic tree in her garden would stop it nothing to figure out who what why where how when and many other questions that ran through her head about this tree. Cacinethal said he would help in her quest for answers.

All of this was for not because Soar, in attempts to get straight to the answer and bottom of his person of interest's possible involvement led him to Prince Dukkah's estate. Through the servants quarters and into the office of the Prince. Finding nothing of use, but a locked drawer and the seal of the Prince, Soar decides to leave and instead pursue leads that may be within the office of the Prince at the castle…

This door was locked and seeing as how he would not be given a key and learned he was unable to pick locks whilst in the estate he sought help from the local guild. Two street urchins joined him that evening on his escapade to attempt to break into the castle office (not the estate) and after getting caught the first time and attempting to invoke the name of Cacinethal to continue wandering the keep (as before) the gaurd not knowing attempted to arrest the bird and children.

After knocking out the guard and realizing Cacinethal's name was in the mix, having to cover for their connection to the keep Soar then enlists the children for one last adventure. Halfway to Cacinethal's room one of the children gets spotted and books it with promise of payment to keep the guards attention away from Soar. Once in the room, Soar and the child as loudly as possible trash his room leaving an ominous note in hopes to draw attention in another direction instead of towards Cacinethal's involvement in trespassing.

The guard that comes to check the commotion is jumped by Soar and the kid and beaten unconscious. On payment the urchin ducks out and Soar attempts to sneak out, after getting caught and avoiding capture to throw the scent in a different direction the plan worked… a little too well.

The next morning Rhunningo is released but banished from the city (on reccomendation of Vanoliel) and Soar breaks the news to the rest of the band of traveling adventurers.


After crossing the desert and meeting a band of roving gnolls, and saving a few of them from a giant scorpion. The group decides to camp outside the crypt and rest, the next morning they venture into the crypt, after dealing with a few evil rodents and clearing then entrance out the group found that large stone doors can be dangerous, smacked Soar in the face and thus it was decided that Soar would open all future doors…

After detecting a trap on the next door and disabling it only to find that it led to an empty pantry. All other rooms in this crypt having once been what appeared to be occupied, all the fancy clothes when touched turned to dust :*(

After cramming through tight cooridors the group happened upon a room pitch black with a lovely rumbling beyond, this room was inhabitated by a stone worm and magic along a side of the wall.

The party later discovered that this magic that was detected was a series of portals, after dispatching skeletons in the adjoining room, and running through the portals over and over and over again, Rhunningo managed to get himself trapped in a room with a wagon, only to find out that the portal in that room lead to what was more or less an inverted gravity well that led him to a key, this key opened the door to what was Bellenith's tomb.

Rhunningo without a second thought as to the words of advice given (do not disturb Belenith) runs straight in reaches past the magical barrier surrounding and suspending Belenith in her tomb, grabs the amulet that she was wearing and the entire room grows quiet as the summoned appiritions dissipate.

Hauling nearly 5000g worth of gems, jewels, and gold the party departs and heads back to Cacinethal to report the undead problem has been dealt with. Only to find out they are tasked with investigating the issue of the conflicting reports and rumors of subterfuge within the kingdom.


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