BenCo the Brave

The Market Square and Bandit Gangs

There was a fight in the square, there was a fight in an alley. Running-go-DURR tried to kill people. Violin wouldn't let him. They were tricked by a beggar. They were helped by a beggar. Apparently all is fair in love and begging.

Cacinethal summoning the travelers at the request of the High Council, tasked this motley bunch to help deal with an upstart gang that was causing trouble in one of the market districts.

The group decides that the best place to start would be the market. Splitting up the group begins to ask around, merchants, shoppers, and passers by are all asked if they have seen or heard anything. Cyrrus takes the more direct approach flat out asking if anyone has seen any bandits in the area, while some were trying to make contacts, and others diplomatically trying to pull information from the market. Cyrrus ultimately succeed in that his blunt questioning brought about unwanted attention from the gang and thus they came out to question this tiefling as to why he wanted to know. This led the market goers to slowly clear out of the market sensing the tension and uneasiness caused betweent he naive tiefling and what was clearly one of the bandits. Needless to say the market quickly cleared out as a fight insued. This fight went well enough with only a single bandit escaping and dodging Vanoliel's arrows as she loosed them at the fleeing man.

After arguing over whether or not to kill the bandits (which by order of the King and High Council we were permitted to do so) the diplomatic paladin convinces the group to keep them alive. After securing the prisioners the group decides to "procure" one of the market cart/stalls and bring the bandits along to turn in for sentencing.

Heading down the same alley in which the bandit from the market escaped the group happens upon a beggar. Soar offering the beggar a gold piece to tell all about what he had seen, this beggar however turned out to be a lookout for the bandit ambush (possibly set by the escaping bandit fromt he market). Soar not taking kindly at his attempt to help a beggar and recieve information pummels the beggar as the ambush begins. The ambush looked to be slipping, however the group manages to convince one of the casters in the bandit group to throw in with the adventurers and help end the gangs grip on the district.

After surviving the ambush the turncoat bandit led them through an alley signaling as he passed, helping smuggle the adventures closer to the bandits hideout. Sneaking into the warehouse and clearing out the bandits the adventurers manage to complete the task given to them and  learn a valuable lesson in taking out the mostly armorless casters and tehn focusing on the more muscular fighters next. The adventuring band returns to Cacinethal for their reward.



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